Brand Spotlight: Galamaar

Anni Caylor

We love spending our summer days enjoying nature. Whether it be a hike to a secluded waterfall in Malibu Creek State Park to a good old fashioned fun in the sun beach day. So why wouldn’t we use our style as an extension of our love for the earth and all it has to offer? That’s the sentiment that Galamaar lives and creates their entire sustainable swimwear line by. Just like us at BUHO, they want to provide sustainable fashion, while creating conscious consumers. 

Who are they?

Founded by Blakely Wickstrom, this sustainable swimwear brand came onto the scene in 2017. To boil it down, Galamaar strikes a balance between the West Coast's effortless sensibility with modern East Coast vibes. In each swimsuit, you'll see contemporary swim styles with the most flattering cuts and subtle retro vibes. 

Galamaar knows that the most important part of swimwear is making sure their beach-lovers feel comfortable and confident. Their focus on quality is just as exceptional as their focus on sustainability. They make each swimsuit to keep its shape and last, so you won't worry about contributing to that take-make-and-dispose model. 

Shop the classic brief bikini bottom from Galamaar

What's their secret to sustainability?

Their main objective is to minimize harm down to the smallest detail in each ethical swimsuit they create. This includes everything from the recycled hang tags and eco-friendly packaging to regenerated mixed-metal hardware and the fabric made from discarded fishing nets. 

That’s right. Abandoned fishing nets pose a massive environmental harm that most people don’t talk about. Every year, 640,000 metric tons of old fishing gear is either lost or thrown into the sea. Not surprisingly, this gear keeps catching the sea life long after the fishermen leave.

Once they’re caught, sharks, dolphins, turtles, and other sea animals will die in the net or be too injured to feed if they’re able to swim free. In fact, these nets kill 136,000 seals, sea lions, and whales each year. By using a sustainable fabric made from these abandoned nets, Galamaar is doing its part to combat ocean pollution.

Shop the retro bikini top from sustainable swimsuit brand Galamaar

Take one look at their website, and you know that they care. They are focused on keeping their suits in pristine condition, even after they leave the store. They even offer up some of the best tips they have for caring for your new swimsuit.

Our favorites this season?

Shop the high-cut bikini bottom from sustainable swimsuit brand Galamaar

That yellow high-kick brief bikini bottom. Retro vibes abound with the '90s-inspired swimsuit, featuring a high-cut, high-waisted silhouette. Better yet, the waistband is elastic-free, so you don't have to worry about it stretching out. And, of course, who can say no to the Braxton one-piece swimsuit? The black-and-white colorblocking brings a vintage look, but the flattering cross-front will never go out of style.

Shop the retro one-piece swimsuit from sustainable swimsuit brand Galamaar

This Los Angeles based swimwear company shows that eco conscious alternatives can still be chic and that positive changes are actively taking place within the fashion industry. Shop Galamaar swimwear.