Sustainable Gifts for Everyone on Your List This Holiday Season

Amy Arani

Congratulations! You’ve decided to have an eco-friendly holiday this year. But what on earth does that even mean? And how can you honor the earth and everyone on your list?

If you’re new to BUHO, you might not know that every item on our site is either vegan, ethically made, fair-trade, vintage, locally-made in L.A. sustainable, or a combination. We’ve vetted each brand so that instead of embarking on a research project on sustainability, you can focus on finding the perfect gifts.

Before we get to the BUHO gems that will have everyone on your list remembering this holiday season for years to come, we have some tips that will help save your sanity. After all, a sustainable Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Winter Solstice celebration means more that just choosing to give consciously. It means taking care of yourself, too.

1. Make Your List and Check Yourself Twice

Gather your journal and pen, open Google Docs or Evernote, and let’s get real.

Take a few moments to reflect on your childhood holiday experiences. Ask yourself which traditions are essential and jot those down. Then decide what you’d be comfortable letting go of or modifying.

Now, write down every person you can think of — from your husband or girlfriend to the person who delivers your mail. Once you have list, ask yourself if this person would feel hurt if you didn't buy them a present this year. If they're always giving you things, gifts are likely one of their love languages, and you should put as much thought into picking their gift as they do into picking yours. But some of your loved ones might enjoy other things more than getting a package under the tree. After you've identified them, write down a few ideas of things they would like. For example, maybe your mom would rather have you host Christmas dinner at your house than another pair of earrings.

Next, put asterisks near the people that you could take off your list. Does your second cousin’s dog really need an elf sweater? By all means, if you want to buy Tilda another outfit, go for it. But if all these names are starting to freak you out, it's time to minimize.

2. Ditch the Pressure

Breathe in this simple truth: You don’t have to do anything, even if you’ve done it for years. You’ve decided to make this holiday sustainable, and stress isn’t. Jot down everything you can think of that would make the season more pleasant. Would you prefer to stay far away from the stores and do all your shopping online? Skip your work party this year? Be honest about what would make the the rest of November and December — well — joyful!

3. Respect Your Budget

Yes, we know. Generosity knows no price. But if getting your credit card bill in January almost gives you a heart attack every year, it’s time to dial it back. Given the number of people you would like to buy gifts for, how much can you spend on each? Write that number next to each person’s name and stick to it. Debt isn’t sustainable. (To learn more about Klarna, which allows you to pay in interest-free installments on our site, click here.)  

Remember: Memorable doesn’t have to cost much or even anything. If your budget is less ample than you’d like, consider making things for the people you love. Into plants? Take cuttings from your favorites! Enjoy baking? Perhaps some pastries are in order. Do what you love, and give it away. It's our favorite way to a sustainable holiday.

Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Without further ado, here are some eco-friendly options for everyone on your list. Whether you’ve got a budget of $10 or $500, these BUHO favorites are sure to bring smiles to your loved ones’ faces. Happy shopping!

The Wonderful Women in Your Life:

When showing appreciation for a special woman, consider what’s important to her. Think about her interests, passions, dreams, and goals. Shop accordingly.

For the woman who carries her laptop everywhere:

Matt & Nat July Backpack | Vegan Leather | BUHO

 July Backpack ($155)

For the woman who loves a layered necklace:

Dear Survivor Arc Necklace | Sustainable Jewelry | BUHO

Arc Necklace $48


Paradigm Wavy Coin Necklace | Ethically Made Jewelry | BUHO

Wavy Coin Necklace $124 

For the lady who likes to be in nature, even when the weather is less than friendly: 

Matt & Nat Chelz Rain Boot BUHO

Chelz Rain Boots $125

For the athlete:

MATE the label Classic Jogger | Sustainable Fashion | BUHO

MATE Classic Jogger $128 

When she’s just a little sexier than everyone else in the room: 

We are HAH Spinster Bodysuit | Sustainable Fashion | BUHO

Spinster Bodysuit $98

For the fashionista: 

Kurt Lyle Willa Coat | BUHO

Willa Coat $490

LF Markey Danny Longsleeve Boilersuit | BUHO

Danny Longsleeve Boilersuit $243

Baggu Fanny Pack | BUHO

Baggu Fanny Pack $48

MATT & NAT NEIL Belt | Vegan Leather | BUHO

NEIL Belt $40 

For the plant lady: 

Speckle Hanging Air Plant Cradle | Eco-friendly home decor | BUHO

Small Speckle Buff Hanging Air Plant Cradle $28  / Add an air plant. Air Plant Supply Co. gives $1 from every order to Pencils of Promise.

Because you always admire her earrings: 

Dear Survivor Mocu Earrings | Ethical & Sustainable Jewelry | BUHO

Mocu Earrings $42 

When she loves a vintage find: 

Vintage Clothing | BUHO

Any item from the vintage collection 

For the classic gal who loves to get cozy: 

Handmade Alpaca Blankets | BUHO

The Cordoba Blanket $228

This gal always sets the mood with a scent:

P.F. Candle Co Sandalwood Rose | Soy Candles | BUHO

P.F. Candle in Sandalwood and Rose $18


P.F. Candle Co Room Spray Golden Coast | BUHO

P.F. Candle Golden Coast Room Spray $10 

When you’re her Secret Santa:

Tara Silver Ring | Rover & Kin | BUHO

 Tara Silver Ring $14


Two Tone Earrings | Sustainable Jewelry | BUHO

Two Tone Earrings $20

The Marvelous Men in Your Life:

Show that amazing man you care by picking a thoughtful gift that he’ll love for years to come.

If you don’t buy him a new wallet, who will? 

Bed Stu Chuck Wallet | BUHO

Chuck Wallet $35

When he cares about his skin more than you care about yours: 

Hudson Made Morning Shift | BUHO

Morning Shift Soap $18


Hudson Made Morning Shift | BUHO

Morning Shift Hydrating Facial Mist $28 

When he only wears tee shirts and jeans: 

Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Tee | BUHO

Heavy Bag Tee $45


Raleigh Denim Original Raw Denim | BUHO

Graham Original Raw Selvage $325

Because he’d die for fashion:

La Paz Amaral Vest | BUHO

Amaral Vest $192

When he loves a good boot: 

Nisolo Andres All Weather Boot | BUHO

Andres All Weather Boot $288

For the man who needs a closet for his sneaker collection:  

Bed Stu Liquid High Top | BUHO

Liquid High Top $185

When he’s a classic man: 

La Paz Novo Sweater | BUHO

Novo Sweater $190 

Because his beard is a work of art: 

Hudson Made Beard Oil | BUHO

Juniper Myrrh Beard & Shave Oil $28

For the world-traveler: 

Hudson Made Dopp Kit | BUHO

Cotton Twill Dopp Kit $78 

When he only shops at thrift stores: 

Vintage Clothes for Men | BUHO

Any item from the vintage collection 

When you’re his Secret Santa: 

Thrills Beanie | BUHO

Palm Warf Beanie $27


PF Candle Co Desert Sunset Soy Candle

Desert Sunset Soy Candle $25

Toddlers, Tweens, and Teens

Teach the younger generation about sustainability by giving them a beautiful outfit or toy that's fit to be an heirloom.

For the little ones: 

Hazel Village Annicke Mouse | BUHO | Handmade Toys

Annicke Mouse $68


Hazel Village Max Raccoon | BUHO | Handmade Toys

Max Raccoon $54 

For the older ones: 

Hudson Bleeker Preto Globetrotter Jewelry Case | BUHO

Globetrotter Jewelry Case $36  

Paradigm Shine Bright Necklace | BUHO

Shine Bright Necklace $92 

MATE the label Sleep Tank & Sleep Shorts | BUHO

MATE Sleep Tank and Sleep Short Set $99.60 

Arbor Good Times Beanie | BUHO

Goodtimes Beanie $25

Vintage Kids Clothes | BUHO

Vintage Cobra Racing Jacket $68