Shop Back to School with BUHO

Amy Arani

The last hazy, hot days of summer are upon us, and it’s time to prepare for our littles and not-so-littles to go back to school. School season is an excellent time for letting go of the old, bringing in the new, and learning more about the world around us. But as much of that world goes through an unflagging heatwave, suggesting that climate change is in full swing, you might be asking yourself how you can make that BTS haul a little more sustainable. 

Fortunately, at BUHO, we only stock brands that are as beautifully crafted as they are kind to the earth and her creatures. You can be sure the purchases you make here support a sustainable future for our children. Because when our kids grow up, we want them to have the knowledge they need to change the world and a planet upon which they’re able to thrive. 

To that aim, here are some of our favorite brands that will help you head back to school in sustainable style.


When it comes to choosing the statement piece that your child will be wearing for the next nine months and beyond, it’s critical to find one that will be beloved. When looking at your purchase through an environmental lens, you want to know that this new backpack will be able to stand up to your child’s irrepressible energy year after year. Enter STATE Bags. They're built to last, impeccably designed with a variety of styles to choose from, and made with a purpose. 

STATE Bags began as an offshoot of Camp Power, a nonprofit that serves kids in underprivileged neighborhoods. Most of these children were carrying their belongings in trash bags, which inspired husband and wife team Scot and Jacq Tatelman to create STATE Bags.

For every bag purchased, STATE donates a fully-stocked backpack to a child in need. As of this post, they’ve given out hundreds of thousands of bags.


French for “egg,” Oeuf uses exclusively sustainably and ethically sourced materials. The brainchild of designers Sophie Demenge and Michael Ryan after they had their first; this brand’s ethos is “do good.” They use organic Pima cotton, baby alpaca, and hand-loomed wool from Peru and Bolivia, so you’ll get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your little ones will be wearing the highest quality fabrics. And every item they make is ethical and sustainable.

Treat your little adventurers to the explorers league shirt, and then teach them about diversity with this tee. Dress your young poet in the Poets Sweater, or help your mathlete ace P.E. in the Linen Beige Numbers Shorts.


Bobo Choses creates whimsical pieces that will have your child excited to wake up early and get ready for school! Driven by the idea that protecting the environment can be fun, they’re inspired by the "power that kids have to understand, act and transform." From the Northstar Sweater to the All Over Saturn Jogging Pants, there’s sure to be something your little can’t do without. And might we suggest the All Over A Star Called Home Princess Dress for her royal highness?

When it comes to protecting the environment, Bobo Choses is minimal impact. Knowing that many manufacturing methods harm the earth, they exist in a process of constant upgrade. GOTS certified organic cotton comprises nearly 50% of their line overall and 70% of their baby collection. Bobo Choses also works with OEKO-TEX certified suppliers, ensuring the safety of your kiddos while also taking care of mother nature.

Pink Chicken

What could be more adorable than a children’s line of 60s and 70s inspired silhouettes created in bohemian prints? One with a commitment to sustainability that gives back to women and children in need, of course! Pink Chicken sets its sights set on making mothers and their daughters and sons happy. That’s why they’ve chosen to support charities that support them where it matters most. 

Your miniature fashionista will adore the Georgie Jumper Skinny Stripes, Willa Dress, and Mimi Short.

Little Urban Apparel

This sweet organic and hemp-based clothing line was founded in Southern California and is made right here in L.A. It’s easy to create the perfect minimalist wardrobe for your child with so many great prints and shapes to choose from. We suggest pairing the Swirl Tie Dye Boxy Tee with the Mangoes Cuban or Horizon Shorts. Another winning combo is the Copper Cuban Shorts and Rainbow Stripe Boxy Button Up

Summer in May

Founded during a May that felt more like an August, Summer in May is part of the slow clothing movement. You’ll love to pass along these unisex designs worthy of heirloom status. Summer in May creates runs of 8-12 in each size, and if something isn’t selling, they repurpose it into something that will. 

Teach your kindergarteners and first graders that putting on socks and shoes can be fun! It'll be a game with the Animal and Retro Socks. And when the weather starts to turn, keep those little bodies warm with the Heart and Mousy sweater. 

Happy Back-to-School!

We wish you all the best in getting your favorite humans ready for the year ahead. Hopefully this guide made it easier to shop sustainably. Remember, in sustainable fashion and in life, to take small steps toward your big goals. And as always, stay tuned to the journal for the latest and best eco-friendly products and processes.