Our Ethos

Maria Casey

BUHO is more than a retailer—we’re a way of life. We're working to overturn the fashion industry’s destructive model and create a better one. We make it easy for you to shop good with curated sustainable, ethical, and vintage items for women, men, kids, and home, and operate under the ethos that looking good and doing good are one and the same. 

BUHO Sustainable Fashion

We source sustainable and ethical brands from companies who are giving employment to marginalized communities and allow customers to shop in a trusted environment by the values that are most important to them.

Our business is closed loop, sourcing only sustainable and ethically made brands, using 100% compostable and biodegradable packaging, working with carbon neutral shipping providers, and incentivizing customers to send us unwanted clothing that we distribute to non-profit partners or break down into new materials. 

Putting The Planet First

BUHO is rooted in an uncompromising commitment to sustainable contemporary fashion that’s easy to find, fun to wear, and earth-loving. Founded by social justice advocate Maria Casey, our company was born out of a belief that fashion can do better, because we know better. We are members of 1% For the Planet and going through our B-Corp Certification process.

Sustainable Fashion

All of our brands are ethically sourced, environmentally sustainable, fair trade, handmade, or curated vintage for women, men, kids, and home. We unite the world’s best ethical brands under one roof, creating a trusted and safe shopping environment. You can rest assured knowing that when you’re shopping at BUHO, we’ve already done the hard work for you, sourcing only the best brands that do good for our people and our planet. 

Breaking The Mold. 

The traditional fashion industry’s success depends on a linear model of make, sell, wear, and dispose. BUHO is here to break that model, bringing together quality products and convenience. We make it easy for you to minimize waste by getting your gently used, unwanted clothing into the hands of people who need them or directly into our upcycling program. 

Because, let’s face it, the facts are grim: 

And it doesn’t stop there. Annual global textile production has doubled in the last 15 years, and by 2030, it’s projected to grow 63 percent. 

Considering that production already exceeds 100 billion garments, and adds 1.2 BILLION TONS (about 200 times the Pyramid of Giza) of greenhouse gas emissions to our atmosphere, the situation is dire. 

The American obsession with fast fashion is rooted in convenience and immediate satisfaction. We need to do some soul searching. The “I want it. I’ll buy it, snap a pic, post, and now I’m done” ethos is toxic for us and our planet. 

When you wash those cute polyester and faux leather fast fashion digs from the fun night out only Instagram remembers, half a million TONS of plastic microfibers end up in our water. That’s 16 times more plastic than the cosmetic industry’s microbeads. Your choices have a direct impact on our oceans, and they are in crisis

Clothing in landfill
Environmental engineer measuring air pollution on the municipal landfill.

Making Sustainable Fashion Accessible

We’re committed to making it easy for you to make choices that are good for our planet. With every order you place, you’ll receive a prepaid return label for your unwanted clothing. Simply follow the enclosed steps, fill the bag, and drop it in the mail. Simple. Your donations will either go to new homes or be upcycled into new threads, and you’ll get store credit to make it even easier for you to shop good. 

Putting It Into Practice.

Plastic is a big part of the fashion industry’s waste problem, and most plastic ends up at sea, which is taking a significant toll on the health of our oceans. That’s why we only use the best compostable packaging, made by our friends at The Better Packaging Co

We also proudly use only carbon neutral shipping partners, which means that the carbon generated by your order is offset by environmental groups dedicated to removing carbon from the atmosphere. 

Compostable Packaging

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