Ethical Brand Spotlight: KAZI

Anni Caylor

When it comes to ethically made brands, knowing where your products are made is vital. Forever 21 showed us last week that fast fashion doesn't come cheap. So why stop with your clothes? We've scoured the world to bring sustainable home goods that support independent artisans. One of our favorites: KAZI.

  • KAZI | Tabia Peach Plate III | Eco-Friendly Home Goods
    Tabia Peach Plate III

All Across Africa

With a population in excess of 1 BILLION and a low labor demand, unemployment is as high as 80-96% across sub-Saharan Africa. Men and women throughout the continent are in need of income that sustainable jobs provide to support their families with food, shelter and education. KAZI is part of a larger movement that is bringing jobs to Africa through All Across Africa.

Fair Trade isn’t just a movement. It’s a call to action for every one of us to live responsible lifestyles, ensuring we’re caring for those down the line that our everyday choices affect.


Founders Greg Stone and Alicia Wallace started the organization to offer artisans employment opportunities with fair wages, creating a type of manufacturing that creates thousands of  jobs and connects them to the real and competitive markets across the world. This directly results in the alleviation of  poverty in Africa.

The mission of All Across Africa centers on dignity in work, grassroots and accessibility.

Dignity in Work

All Across Africa is B Corp Certified and Fair Trade Members, proving that socially conscious and business savvy don't have to be mutually exclusive. The company's foundation was built on the principles of dignity in work, grassroots and accessibility.

Horns and palm-weavers in Kampala, Uganda with All Across Africa


Looking deep into rural areas, they create jobs where they aren’t typically available. They also work to develop leaders in each community to help lead this positive change from within. 


All Across Africa can be accessed by everyone, and they accept everyone who comes their way, regardless of their income level. 

Where KAZI comes in

Stone and Wallace founded KAZI to change the world and make it easy for decor-lovers to do the same. KAZI doesn't just provide money opportunities to artisans, they also teach all aspects of the business. They reinvest their profits to train rural farmers new trades, and then provide financial, leadership, and business management education to the artisans they work with. 

The average KAZI artisan has 5.7 dependents. When you purchase their artisan made goods, you're helping support more than 21,000 people.

They also source local and renewable materials to create all of their handcrafted bowls, wall plates, and other home decor pieces.

The Impact

KAZI's annual report demonstrates their long-term commitment to improving the lives of their artisans. Since founding KAZI in 2013, they've seen amazing growth:

  • 94% of artisans have purchased livestock or land as investments
  • 96% of their children have or are currently attending primary school
  • 88% have an use savings accounts.

Learn more about the artisans here

Our Favorite Pieces

For your next sustainable dinner party, these Black + White Beaded Wooden Bowls will be a dream. They’re safe to use with food, but you can also use them as decoration. These bowls are handwoven by a group of women in Rwanda. Each bowl takes weeks to create, and comes with a profile tag attached so you know exactly who crafted your new masterpiece.

We love this Simone Mustard Wall Plate for that stunning mix of colors and the natural raffia construction. This will be the perfect addition to a gallery wall or as the sole statement. Each plate is handwoven in Uganda, and comes with a weaver profile tag. Plus, they are dyed with organic dye, to keep with that sustainability promise. Mix in some of the other wall plates, like the Tabia Peach Plate II, to create the perfect look. 

Shop KAZI for the latest in ethical fashion and unique styles to outfit your home.