Back to School, College Edition!

Hannah Nussbaum

BUHO brands for your dorm to campus style

Summer days are in short supply, and the dog days of back-to-school shopping have begun. Once upon a time that might have meant scoring a few spanking new notebooks and replacing your scuffed sneakers with a fresh new pair. But if you’re heading to college (or you’re a soon-to-be-empty-nester who's been handed a shopping list), back to school shopping can get a little bit more complicated. You’ll need clothing and school supplies, plus home and dorm gear, and then there’s the question of self reinvention. Who in the wide world do you want to be when you make your grand debut on campus? 

With these considerations in mind, we’ve rounded up a list of BUHO brands that will cover all of your campus and dorm needs this fall.


Our home list focuses on sustainable necessities that you’ll be able to hold onto even after you’ve graduated from dorm life and gone onto whatever’s next.

  • Seek & Swoon | Diana Throw | Shop Buho
    Seek & Swoon | Diana Throw | $170

Seek & Swoon

This is a made-in-America brand that makes a mean throw blanket. Using recycled cotton, Seek & Swoon crafts heirloom quality blankets, in prints inspired by different regions around the world. The idea is to bring a little bit of wanderlust into your living space. They’ll add a pop of color to a drab dorm room, and play nicely with other patterns (we like mis-matching). 

Seek & Swoon | Spa Floor Basket | $164

P.F. Candle Co

Sometimes you need a little bit of aromatherapy to get you through the exam season. Cue P.F. Candle Co, a local LA fragrance company that started as a one-woman team. Fragrance and diffusers can add luxury to your dorm, without actually taking up any (precious) space. Our advice? Leave more room for your wardrobe, and decorate with scent. 

P.F. Candle Co | Golden Coast Standard Soy Candle | $18

Woven Grey

Good news. Coastal living style can be magically transported into your dorm room. Woven Grey does super understated, high-quality California decor – think handwoven laundry baskets and floor planters. With a little imagination, you can trick yourself into thinking you’re in a chic coastal cottage (that happens to have lots of textbooks instead of beach reading).

Woven Grey | Spa Floor Basket | $164


If you want to ace your undergrad lit class, we recommend you invest in a good oxygen-delivery system in your dorm room (oxygen = high-functioning brain). The best way to do this is to snag a reclaimed wood Goodsmith planter, and fill it with something leafy and green. For every planter you buy, Goodsmith will plant a tree – win for you, win for our big beautiful planet. 

Goodsmith | Large Geo Air Plant Holder | $25


Our clothing cut is all about utility, wearability, versatility, and responsibility. 


Rue Stiic

An allover print worksuit is a college wardrobe staple for two reasons. First, it facilitates instantaneous getting ready on rushed mornings. And second, it transitions from day to night with a speedy change of the shoe (think hiker boot to kitten heel). Rue Stiic makes some of our favorite worksuits, with retro ‘70s details and flattering belted fits. 

Rue Stiic | Alamere Worksuit | $219

Mate the Label 

Mate the Label makes comfy basics for people who are really good at relaxing. They’re so comfy, they might even induce relaxing when you should be in class, so be careful when you whip these babies out. The brand is guided by sustainable practices, using organic fabric and partnering with factories within a five mile radius of their headquarters. 

Mate the Label | California Dreamin Vintage Pullover | $112

We are HAH

Sexy and sustainable don’t have to be on opposite ends of the spectrum. We are HAH make a good case for this – the brand offers comfortable, sexy, ethically made lingerie in designs that work with all different body shapes. They don’t use any hooks or metal hardware, meaning no snags or tears, for lingerie that lasts years instead of months. 

We are HAH | Si$tHAH Bralittle | $44


Rove makes clothing in summer-y, cheerful prints, so you can keep your laid-back summer vibe going even once you’re deep into your first semester.  The Hawaiian brand handcrafts all their pieces, using unique hand-dyed textiles that hold up to washing. 

Rove | Daphne Dress | $128



If you’re a heavy-duty fabric kinda guy, Thrills is your brand.  Thrills uses super durable construction and heavy, ethically sourced fabric, to make classic fall staples like crewneck sweatshirts and flannels. Oversized and roomy is more their speed then fitted and fussy, and their pieces are versatile enough to wear from class to that-thing-happening-at-night. 

Thrills | Inside Tracksuit Pant | $90


We like to take credit for the best streetwear on the West coast, but Wawwa does a pretty good job of it across the pond. This UK-based brand is a sustainable, fair-wage employer with a long resume of ethical commitments (juxtaposed by the low-key, skate-is-life aesthetic of their gear). They particularly stand out because of their PETA certified Vegan checkmark, meaning there are absolutely no animal products used in their construction. 

Wawwa| Jonah Organic Rugby Sweatshirt | $105

Far Afield

For the man who only does his laundry once a term, Far Afield is the answer for stocking up on T-shirts and socks. The brand rocks a classic, collegiate look (think argyles, stripes, chunky knits), so all you need to do is top off your outfit with a pair of thick glasses, and you’ll have your cool-nerd look down. 

Far Afield | Rune Knit | $150


Acing your time on campus requires having an arsenal of accessories that help you stay organized, while still looking 10/10.  


When you’re no longer interested in eating cafeteria food, chances are you’re going to want to stock up at an actual grocery store. And with your Baggu tote, you won’t even for a second consider opting for a plastic bag at check out. Nope. Not an option. Baggu totes come in a variety of colors, and are made with recycled material.

Baggu| Fanny Pack | $48

State Bags

Let your inner little kid flag fly. Adult life can be so drab and grey, but not when you whip out your super cute Yellow Tiger backpack. Suddenly, the world is full of rainbows, butterflies, and tigers. State Bags makes cheeky cute backpacks for adults, using their profits to support American families in need.

State Bags | Bedford Backpack - Ochre | $155


Finally, your perfect capsule wardrobe shoes. Going to college means scaling back (you can’t take all 58 pairs of shoes you own, unfortunately). Coclico makes multi-use, versatile basics, using rustic leather uppers and wooden soles. They’ll take you from campus to wherever, no costume change required. 

Coclico | Banni Boot | $425


You need a pretty little gold thing to dress up your basics. Paradigm happens to do pretty little gold things really well, from stackable rings to layer-friendly chains and pendants. The combinations are endless, plus these little beauties are handmade, so you won’t find any replicas on campus. 

Paradigm | Sunburst Coin Necklace | $82.50

Free + Easy 

College is not easy, and it’s definitely not free, but why let that stop you from rocking a Free + Easy cap? The smoothe suede finish stays sharp looking over time, and the flat brim construction lets everyone know that you are, in fact, a surfer dude who's been transported in a time machine from the West Coast circa 1970. Plus the cap is locally and ethically made, which is neither free nor easy, but very important. 

Free + Easy | Free + Easy Peach Fuzz Cap | $40

Stock up on these campus essentials before you head off into the sunset. You’re so over highschool, and ready to tackle the big leagues – make sure you do it armed with sustainable and effortlessly cool clothes, accessories, and homewares.