5 Eco-Conscious Instagram’s We Love

Kira Cook

The easy thing would be to deride Instagram for being an echo chamber of narcissism, but the real beauty of the platform is that you can make of it absolutely anything that you desire. They should re-name it Interest-agram. If you are obsessed with, say, the not overly-popular spoken word poetry art-form, you can create an Instagram that exclusively caters to that interest. If you get gobsmacked over goats, you can generate the hairiest, beardiest, most cloven-hoofed feed imaginable. 

However, you’re here, which means you have more than a passing interest in sustainability and eco-culture. These 5 Instagrams offer more than your average eye-catching, sepia-toned lifestyle posts. Rather, they seek to educate their followers in engaging, useful, and visually stimulating ways. Read on for 5 Instagrams that can change your perspective on not merely Instagram, but the planet, too.

Future Earth


Utilizing eye-catching fonts and memes that recall vintage posters, @futureearth posts beautiful and thought-provoking quotes by anthropologists, philosophers, ecologists, and science writers to inform and educate about climate change. “Serious” about making climate change “fun,” this site isn’t the Debbie Downer that most climate change pages (righteously) can be. Instead, it’s a guide to being informed about the state of the world, and ways to change things on a daily basis. Thanks to this site, I now know that the internet is actually located in the ocean: enough fiber optic cables to circle Earth 22 times, to be precise. 



A producer, painter, photographer, and vintage purveyor, this master of specialties beginning with the letter “p” is also Passionate about the environment. Kristine Claghorn, @claggie consistently posts vegan and vegetarian recipes, she makes chocolate bars out of her beautiful home, she sources vintage for her vintage clothing and home goods site Cabin Vintage, and she often uses her InstaStories as an engaging community space for her followers to submit ideas on how they commit to sustainable living. Her Highlights function has many tabs with hundreds of tips for eco-conscious sustainability, from the home to beauty to fashion to travel and more. Thanks to her simple and straightforward ideas posted on her Instagram, I have committed to driving around with metal straws and reusable bamboo utensils (no need to ever take plastic ones for To-Go food again!), stainless steel containers so that I don’t have to use the paper or plastic ones at restaurants for leftovers, brought my own net bags to the supermarket and farmers market for produce instead of using their plastic bags, switched to reusable makeup remover pads, and bought a compost bin. I guess you could say I’ve been… #influenced.

Sustainability In Style


Specializing in sustainability in education and science, Katie Roberts, @sustainabilityinstyle focuses on informing her followers about mindful living, especially in what we wear and put on our skin. This page boasts everything from homemade haircare to 20 ways to baking soda can revolutionize your sustainable home life. 

Wasteland Rebel


Shia Su, @wastelandrebel is a self-proclaimed “vegan zero waste nerd” who literally wrote the book on zero waste (her book is called, uh, Zero Waste). Featuring an intimate style of writing that feels like your best friend is sending you an email, Su manages to take the intimidation factor away from sustainable living and rather inspire change in a friendly, completely doable way. It’s like she’s cheering you on to go green, but like, without the plastic pom poms. #plasticfree

Zero Waste Chef


Anne Marie decided to go plastic-free in 2011, which naturally led to her attempting a zero-waste lifestyle soon thereafter. @zerowastechef is about inspiration over aspiration there are practical, soluble tips here for eliminating all plastic, packaging in general, trash, and processed food from your lifestyle. Did you know you can make your own deodorant? Thanks to Anne Marie, now I know how. Stay tuned on how I fare (i.e. smell) in this 93 degree Los Angeles September. 

Bonus: CNN Climate

For the latest in climate news from around the globe, @cnnclimate is a great go-to Insta for informative graphs and memes. It’s a great quick snapshot of our planet’s health, from all corners of the globe. Take a quick scroll and you’ll quickly learn that the largest hotel chain is doing away with travel-sized toiletries, that London is planning on reusing the heat generated from the Underground rail system to warm British homes, and Indonesian designers have come up with a revolutionary plan to refreeze the Arctic with iceberg-generating submarines. Less lifestyle, more news.